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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The secret about The Secret

When I first came across The Law of Attraction, I was enchanted by the idea, and I would readily explain it with all the enthusiasm in the world to anyone who would listen. I also started applying it in the little ‘easy’ ways. One million dollar cheques in my purse, done. Sleep on the side of the bed, not the middle, done. Buy a pair of jeans that are 2 sizes smaller, done.

Then I decided to put the law of attraction into practice onto a bigger test. It was November, and I decided that I will buy a Valentine’s gift, wrap it, and place it under my bed until next February. This was an ok idea, except for the fact that I was single, with no potential prospects of a Valentine’s Day date. Yet, I was a strong believer in the law of attraction now, and that’s what we believers do.

So I bought a nice gift, wrapped it in the cutest gift wrap ever, and placed it under my bed. And that’s all the thought that I gave to it.

Considering that Valentine’s day is not taken seriously in this part of the world, aside from the prices of red roses that soar, and the teddy bears that school girls carry on that day, it was difficult for me to imagine someone would actually notice it was Valentine’s Day, let alone ask me out on a date. But I didn’t allow that thought to shake my beliefs. I was going to be asked out on a date, and that was that.

But, what I hadn’t thought of at the time was who was going to ask me out. I didn’t give any thoughts to who I wanted to be out on a date with, not even the characteristics of the person who I would like to go out on a date with.

Come Valentine’s Day, I was in the office, when I got a phone call from security informing me that there was a delivery for me at the reception, and that I should go down and sign for it. So I stepped down, and as I approached the security desk, I noticed there was a huge bouquet of flowers on the desk. They were simply beautiful! Red roses, white roses, and a lot of green stems in between, with the loveliest chiffon wrapping and a great arrangement basket! I was shocked to know that that was my delivery, and proudly picked it up. I looked for a card on the flowers, but only found a small card that read: Happy Valentine’s Day. There was no name on the card, and considering that I know I have no love life whatsoever at the moment, I had no clue who would’ve sent it. But I didn’t question it. One should NEVER question a bouquet of flowers!

As I set the bouquet on my desk and enjoyed the envious looks from the girls around me and the teasing questions of my friends, my phone rang. It was one of my office colleagues, and I picked up the phone thinking he may have a work-related question for me. It turned out that he was calling me to ask me if I like the flowers, and to ask me out on a date.

See? The law of attraction DOES work!!

But there was a catch (of course there was, otherwise this would have been an extremely predictable & boring story!) The guy who called me, the guy who sent me the flowers, the guy who the Universe has sent to me to confirm my faith in the Law of Attraction, was the most despicable guy I had ever met. He was too soft to start with, and had a very annoying air around him. If you make the fault of having a conversation with him, you would be stuck for hours in the most boring conversations ever, and would end up hating yourself for having been stupid enough to talk to him in the first place. He was a well known liar in our office, and was a pain to everyone who ever dealt with him.

Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed and I gently told him off (May be not very gently). And when I went home that night, my gift was still there under my bed. But this story helped me believe in the law of attraction even more than I did before.

I wanted to be asked out on a date, and I was. But I had not asked the universe what date I wanted. Did I want a fun date? Did I want it with a handsome man, who had the most charming personality, and the loveliest smile? Did I want it with an honest man, who would make me laugh?

I hadn’t told the universe anything about my desired wish. I just simply placed an order, without giving any thoughts to the specifications. And the universe gave me just what I wanted, and not a tiny bit more.

Often, we think we know what we want, and we just complain about how we are not getting it. But the reality is, sometimes we are too vague in what we wish for, and we do not invest any time or effort in trying to find out the details of our desires. We expect the universe to understand what we want, even though we haven’t got a clue ourselves.

When you ask, ask for the most of what you want. Be specific, draw the most amazing picture you want, and provide the smallest details. Instead of investing your time in complaining about what you don’t want, wouldn’t you want to invest your time in something that’s more fun? And what is more fun than imagining everything you have ever wished for, in detail? What do you want, how do you want it to be, how would it make you feel, how would you look like when you get it, how will it affect your life? Invest your time, in these thoughts, and the law of attraction will work. It ALWAYS will, giving us exactly what we ask for, and ONLY that. So be greedy and go ask for more

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